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Pay-per-Click: What is it?

We often get asked what PPC is at Jam Thinking and how it may help businesses, so let’s get to the nitty-gritty.

What is PPC?

  • Pay-per-Click is essentially a marketing channel where businesses pay to get customers onto their site. The idea is that the business doesn’t pay for one particular ad, but instead is charged a small fee every time a user clicks their ad. For example, if the cost of someone clicking your add is £2 per click and that click converts into hundred pounds worths of sales, then you’re in profit. A conversion can also count as a website sign-up, a phone call etc.

Google choose which ads they want to launch through a combination of factors;
– Keyword relevance
– Landing Page Quality
– Quality Score

The higher the quality score, the more relevant your ad is. A high-quality landing page can result in your ads being shown on the first page of Google. This is where we come into play. We make sure that your Google Ads are shown on the first page, aiming for the top 3 positions.

Through PPC there’s a number of different paths that lead to success. Firstly Google Ads is the single most popular form of PPC. Google Ads is a huge way to create a large number of clicks to your ad as Google gets lots of traffic. The main thing that you must remember is how important keywords are; this is where lots of people go wrong.

Without every single keyword being specifically matched to your ad not only will you be selling to a wrong audience, but Google will show to the wrong target audience. There are 4 keyword variants that you can use within your campaign:
– Broad match
– Broad modifier
– Phrase match
– Exact match

The more specific your keywords are, the higher the quality of users that will come onto your website. This results in a higher conversion rate. But don’t fully rule out broad match keywords.

How can PPC benefit your business?

– Only pay if you get clicks
– You choose the budget
– Faster results
– Better ROI
– Constant traffic

How does PPC compare to SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is another way to create traffic to your website. This path is a must but in comparison to PPC, SEO is a more lengthy and time-consuming process. But, it’s also free, organic, natural and editorial.

If your business is looking to take a leap into the world of PPC, then give us a call on 0330 400 5495 or contact us via our contact us form.