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The importance of social media: Technological Era

The importance of social media for your business in a technological era

Social media forms most of our day-to-day interactions in the modern world, whether we realise it or not. It’s almost impossible to escape. It has the ability to affect our relationships and how we engage with one another. It also happens to be one of the most useful tools at our disposal. 

But what does this mean for you as a business owner? Maybe you’ve already tried to conquer the social media market and cement yourself as an influential voice. And maybe you felt like, at the end of the day, it wasn’t worth it. In this connected world, can you afford to think like that?


Modernity and the mobile phone

The introduction of the mobile phone in 1973 revolutionised the art of communication. It has since dominated connectivity. Mobile phones have evolved into a handheld device we just can’t live without. With 4.68 billion mobile phone users worldwide, it’s no coincidence that businesses are tapping their potential to engage with consumers.


It’s estimated that 2.77 billion of those with mobile phones use social media across the myriad of apps. Everyone does so for their own reasons; 29% of people use social media to research/find products to buyand 34% for general networking with others. With this many people using social media to interact with one another, it’s an opportunity that your business cannot turn a blind eye to.


Social media allows your content to be viewed quickly and easily. Twitter even lets you promote your businesses posts so they’re seen before other content on people’s feeds. Such apps also employ interactive features that people wouldn’t usually receive through email. You can interact with consumers on a more personal level through the simple means of user-generated content, likes, and replies.


Build your brand

Establishing rapport is the most important factor for building a successful business. Your customers are everything. Social media gives a responsive experience that lets them feel engaged and in control of their purchasing decisions. By giving customers access to your social media account on a 24/7 basis, they have the freedom to browse and get a feel of the personality of your business — before they’ve even clicked through to your website!


KLM has been able to utilise social media in ways that show they know what the consumer wants; ease and accessibility. By using ‘bot’ strategy, they have established themselves as the most recognised social CRM experts in all of B2C marketing. Letting consumers engage with your brand in ways they ordinarily wouldn’t be able to allows you to differentiate yourself from other businesses and create a customer experience like no other.


It’s not a story only experienced by the big brands; SMEs can have a similar journey. The key is to do it the right way and for the right reasons. Don’t do it out of some vague sense of obligation – do it because you have the drive to be better. Understand that it’s going to take dedication and consistency. And, at the end of it all, you’ll have a noticeable, effective presence.


Here at Jam Thinking, we offer you cost-effective courses that teach you how courses that teach you how to grow your online reputation.

 With our deep well of marketing expertise, we can help you make the most of your social channels and thrive in a sea of competition. You’ll be able to craft your own personal content without the extra costs of outsourcing. To find out more, get in touch on 0330 400 5495.